Young people will benefit from the freedom and responsibility of their own "cool allowance" cards. With their allowances deposited in "cool accounts" insured by the user's own financial institution, the cool allowance will encourage the young to repeatedly visit our web site, There, they will encounter not only our "uncool youth smoking" message, but also a site devoted to the promotion of healthy lifestyle alternatives for youth.

-Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends will have the option of making deposits (such as birthday or holiday gifts) to the cool allowance accounts of the young.
-Cool allowance accounts will be arranged so that gift certificates from local merchants, or company value coupons, can be directly deposited.
-Parents will have the option of making allowances accessible only after the completion of anti-smoking web assignments.
-The option of having Affinity and Loyalty Card bonuses deposited into cool allowance accounts will be made available.
-Through PIN numbers like those used in Interac transactions, young cool account holders will pay for Internet and local purchases.
-Although anyone will be able to make cool allowance deposits, only the registered cardholder will make withdrawals or issue payments from the account.
-In order to verify cool account balances, the young will have to visit the GetOutGrabLife web site, where they will be exposed to anti-smoking messages and healthy lifestyle alternatives.
-Account holders will have the option of receiving, if desired, free coupons that can be worth hundreds of dollars in benefits.
-A 10% rebate commission will be deposited directly to cool allowance accounts on all purchases from our Internet partners.
-Cool accounts will enable holders to play games, go shopping for books, CDs, school supplies, clothing, sports equipment, etc.
-The GetOutGrabLife web site will be a kid-friendly social site encouraging social interaction and involvement in the young.
-Adults or parents will be able to make automatic deposits (transferred from other accounts) to the cool allowance accounts of children.
ADULTS WORKING TO BENEFIT YOUTH is a non-profit organization run for youth to uncool youth smoking at the local level and in the home.
-Helping to uncool youth smoking has never been easier. To register your child, visit your local participating financial institution or go to
Opening a cool account makes a real difference in a child's future. It's an effective way to address the problem of youth smoking (35% of youth smoke). Your children will be exposed to the cold, hard facts about smoking from people who care about future generations. We will endeavor to get participating financial institutions to assist with administration costs so that maximum efforts can be made to uncool youth smoking.

©Conrad Martin 2001