A Corad Creation Corporate
Social Responsibility

Corporations that take an active role in benefiting their communities gain respect and admiration. The corporate identity of The Body Shop, for example, is connected with commitment to environmental causes, while the name McDonalds is synonymous with Ronald McDonald Children’s charity.

As a creator of products under the brand name A CORAD CREATION I also need a responsible role in the community. As the creator of so many children products, it is my wish that our corporate identity becomes associated with a sincere effort to discourage youth smoking.

Smoking habits or addiction begin with the young. Children and youth in all socio-economic groups are subject to the temptations and negative health effects of smoking.

A Corad Creation aims to take a meaningful role in discouraging smoking at its origin by encouraging youth to replace passive addiction with a positive, active attitude toward life.

Our campaign to draw attention to the problem of youth smoking will focus on the message: GET OUT! GRAB LIFE! Smoke free!

We hope that the Corad brand name becomes associated not only with the goods and services we provide, but also with a genuine contribution to a social cause of great importance.

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