·every day 3,300 North American teenagers become new smokers, but fewer than 5% of schools have adequate anti-smoking education programs.

·35% of teens are smokers.

·almost 16% of highschool boys use smokeless tobacco.

·North American culture and corporation are obsessed with the youth population, which is more than 77 million strong and growing.

·Just a few cigarettes can cause addiction

·90% of smokers acquire that habit before their 18th birthday

·Most young smokers now report that they got started between the ages of 10 and 12

·“We agree that smoking is addictive and causes disease in smokers.”NY times, Oct 2000, Phillip Morris Cigarettes

·Research shows that starting to smoke before 18 is particularly harmful to the lungs.

·Cigarette smoking robs you of 14.5 years of your life.

·There are 1.5 billion smokers worldwide. One third of the world’s population smokes.

·Worldwide, about 10,000 people die from the effects of smoke every day.

·Smoking will contribute to the premature death of 4 million people this year and 10 million people annually by the year 2030.

·Each year smoking accounts for approximately one in every five deaths in North America (400,000 in the U.S; 45,000 in Canada).

·Non-smokers spend, on average, a year less disabled

·U.S. teenagers are going to spend $160 billion on goods this year, 60% increase over 3 years ago.

·Studies link tobacco to depression in teens.

·7 out of 10 American children quit organized sports before their 13th birthday.

·Wanted: Non Smokers Only. “Egypt limits job prospects for smokers.” Toronto Star, Aug 26, 2000

·Parents honor their children’s request half the time.

·N.Y. Times, Sept. 17, 2000: “Marketing expert notes that more young people than ever say their parents are their role models."


·Sources: Major North American Newspaper and Magazine articles


©Conrad Martin 2001